Lone Gram

Talk Title : Why do bacteria produce antibiotics?

Time : 24th August 2021 – 15:30 (KL, GMT+8) / 17:30 (Sydney, GMT+10)

Lone is a professor in bacterial ecophysiology and biotechnology and is leading a Center of excellence on microbial secondary metabolites (cemist.dtu.dk). She and her group has studied bacterial interactions and exploited these in food biopreservation and aquaculture biocontrol. Here, they have spear-headed work demonstrating that marine roseobacters producing the antimicrobial compound, tropodithietic acid, are promising as fish larval probiotics. Lone joined the world-circumnavigating marine Galathea 3 expedition (2006-2007) and established a collection of marine bacteria with bioactivity potential. They have found a range of novel molecules with antibiotic, antivirulence and immunomodulatory activities produced by these marine bacteria. Currently, they are focusing on unraveling the roles of microbial secondary metabolites with antibiotic activity both in the producing microorganism and in natural microbiomes

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