Jonathan Plett

Talk Title: Down the Rabbit Hole: Is genomic sequencing in the fungal tree of life going to rewrite our understanding of mycology ?

Time : 23rd August 2021 – 10:00 (KL, GMT+8) / 12:00 (Sydney, GMT+10)

Dr. Jonathan Plett is a senior lecturer in plant-microbe interactions at Western Sydney University, Australia. Dr. Plett did his PhD at Queen’s University in Canada in the area of plant hormone perception and disease immunity. The aim of his research program is to compare and contrast the genetic traits that underpin the relationship of pathogenic and mutualistic microbes with their hosts. One of the key areas of focus for Dr. Plett is the role of microbial signals in establishing and manipulating the outcome of these interactions. Dr. Plett uses plant hosts from forestry and agricultural contexts combined with their associated oomycete, fungal, and bacterial partners to tackle these complex questions. He specializes in combining a range of different techniques from molecular biology and biochemistry, including genomic and transcriptomic analysis, protein-protein interaction assays, enzymatic tests as well as the creation and characterization of mutant organisms to achieve his research goals.

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    Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment, Western Sydney University
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