Dianne Newman
California Institute of Technology
Dianne Newman began her professional training as an environmental microbiologist at MIT in the laboratory of a geochemist but was introduced to bacterial genetics midway through graduate school. The elegance and power of genetic approaches motivated her to seek postdoctoral training in a bacterial genetics laboratory at Harvard Medical School. When she began her independent career, she attempted to blend these fields by using genetic approaches to study how bacteria catalyze geochemically interesting metabolic reactions.
Lone Gram
Technical University of Denmark
Lone is professor I bacterial ecophysiology and biotechnology and is leading a Center of excellence on microbial secondary metabolites. She and her group has studied bacterial interactions and exploited these in food biopreservation and aquaculture biocontrol. Currently, they are focusing on unraveling the roles of microbial secondary metabolites in natural microbiomes.
Tim van Opijnen
Boston College
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