Poster Guidelines

Poster Guidelines

Poster submission is now close.

If you would like to edit your submitted poster, please contact Thank you.

All JAMS10 participants are welcome to present a poster without extra fees. Digital posters can be uploaded through this page anytime before August 9, 2021. In-person poster presenters are encouraged to upload their poster digitally to let other participants learn more about their research.

Posters will be displayed through the JAMS10 website and the JAMS10 Gather space (i.e. JAMS TOWN) starting August 16, 2021. Live poster presentations will utilise the JAMS10 Gather space, where your poster will be pre-uploaded for you. Instructions on presenting your poster live on Gather (August 23 & 24) will be shared with you through email. General information on virtual poster presentation is available on the JAMS TOWN page.

To upload your poster, two documents are required: 1) the main poster and 2) a thumbnail ‘preview’ of your main poster. A thumbnail is a smaller version (half size) of your poster that can be previewed by attendees as they walk nearby your poster on Gather. Both documents should be in the image (.png or .jpg) format. See ‘Instructions for Poster Formatting’ below for more information.

Once your main poster and poster thumbnail are uploaded, the JAMS10 committee will review them for technical purposes. Once approved, you will be sent a notification email of acceptance. If there is a technical issue with your poster, you will be contacted as soon as possible. Please do not password-protect your files. It is your responsibility to ensure that your poster is of your own work. 

If you have submitted your poster and need to edit and re-submit it, you will be able to do so before August 9, 2021. For any questions or problems, please contact the JAMS10 support team via the CONTACT US page or email at

After the symposium ends, your poster will still be available on the JAMS10 website for several months to the JAMS10 participants. Please let us know if you require us to remove your poster as soon as the event ends.

Happy uploading!

Posters are now ready for viewing

Participants can sign in to view the Posters

Instructions for Poster Formatting

Format Restrictions

Main poster document:

  • .png or .jpg format are the only file types that may be used
  • Poster can either be in portrait or landscape layout (A1, A2, or A3 size is acceptable)
  • Minimum width is 1000px (26.46 cm)
  • Minimum height is 600px (15.88 cm)
  • Maximum file size is 3MB
  • No transparent background

Preview “thumbnail” document:

  • .png or .jpg format
  • Recommended width is half of the main document
  • Recommended height is half of the main document

Resizing your poster to fit the dimension requirements

The most simple way to edit the dimensions of a poster is using a slideshow editor such as powerpoint or keynote. Here we’ll show you step by step details on how to change your dimensions.

Powerpoint instructions

1. Select the Design tab of the toolbar ribbon.
2. Select Slide Size icon near the far right end of the toolbar.

3. Select Custom Slide Size.

4. Change the Width and Height to be larger than the minimum size guidelines above (26.46cm and 15.88cm) and click okay. Note that the default sizes for A1, A2 or A3 already cover the minimum size requirement, so no changes are necessary.


5 . Click Ensure Fit to make sure the resizing doesn’t stretch your poster in an undesirable way.

6. Repeat to create the thumbnail/preview poster with half of the width and height.

For questions on your poster submission, please contact For more information on Gather, visit the support page.

Instructions for poster formatting were adapted from Photonics Online Meetup.

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