JAMS is the Joint Academic Microbiology Seminars, an organisation that brings microbiology enthusiasts together in a casual atmosphere across Australia and beyond.

JAMS10 is the 10th Annual JAMS Symposium. JAMS10 will be held on August 23 and 24, 2021.

For more info, check out About JAMS10 and the JAMS official website.

Participants can join JAMS10 virtually through the website and JAMS Town after registering.

Register NOW and secure your seat!

No. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join JAMS10!

Short answer: Cool insights, new connections and great fun!

Long (but still great) answer:

By attending JAMS10, you will have access to live talks by some of the biggest researchers in microbiology. You could also ask questions to the speakers during the Q&A.

In addition to the talks, there will be live poster sessions and networking through a fun virtual space called JAMS Town. All registered participants are welcome to submit an abstract for poster presentation.

All participants will be able to interact with each other with the provided platform and make meaningful connections!

JAMS10 fee is ONLY AUD25 (or approximately MYR80). This low fee is unheard of for the quality content we offer! Secure your seat by registering NOW.

JAMS10 is open for registration until 24 August 2021. We might extend the registration date if people are interested in accessing the virtual content post event. Contact us at support@jams10.org for enquiries.

By registering to JAMS10, you will get access to the JAMS10 website that links the virtual talks, posters and a fun interactive app (JAMS Town). The username and password to access the private pages will be emailed to you after registration and payment are made.

JAMS10 features live presentations by more than 20 world-class microbiologists, covering a wide range of fascinating topics based on their research. Topics covered include microbial ecology, virology, mycology, SARS-CoV-2, antimicrobial resistance, infectious diseases, marine microbiology, bioprocessing, and more.

At JAMS10, you will be able to interact LIVE with other attendees via a virtual conference space we have built called JAMS Town. This virtual space uses a fun app called Gather, where you create an avatar and could interact with someone within close distance (much like in real life). Our participants come from around the world, including Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, the US, Europe, and more. This rich diversity makes JAMS10 a special place to make new and meaningful connections for your research and career, and to expand your social circle.

Live poster sessions will be conducted in JAMS Town, where presenters will talk about their research to the audience from their own virtual booth concurrently. The setting is similar to how in-person poster sessions are usually conducted.

JAMS Town will also be a place for participants to watch the live talks together, interact and network, have virtual drinks/meals, play games, and more!

Take a look at the amazing JAMS Town and see what we offer! Please note that the virtual space will be made private for JAMS10 participants about a week before the event starts. Secure your seat by registering NOW.

Yes. Cancellation and refund can be made through Eventbrite up to 30 days before the event. Cancellations can still be made before 1 August 2021 by emailing us at support@jams10.org. We no longer process refunds after 1 August 2021.

In the unfortunate likelihood of a COVID-19 lockdown, physical participants will be refunded the physical fee minus the virtual fee automatically. For a total refund (due to the lockdown), please email us your details.

If there were a lockdown imposed at any of the hosting locations, the event will switch to all virtual. Participants registered for the physical meeting will still be able to join and present a poster (if they wish to) at the event virtually, and the remaining fees will be refunded.

Once logged in to the JAMS10 website, participants are able to access the live talks through a link that connects to the Zoom webinar platform. You can install the Zoom app before joining the talk. Otherwise, you will be prompted to install the app when you click the provided link. You are able to access the talks via Zoom using your computer or mobile device.

JAMS10 utilises an app called Gather town that holds the virtual interactive space called JAMS Town. No software installation is required for Gather. However, a suitable browser, i.e. Chrome, Firefox or Desktop Safari (in Beta) is necessary. If you wish, you can download the app at Gather Downloads. Usage of Gather through mobile devices is not supported. Instructions to use JAMS Town will be provided for participants closer to the event date. Meanwhile, check out this Gather page for basic info on the app usage.

Upon registration, you will be asked if you would like to present a poster. You can upload your poster anytime before August 9, 2021 (GMT +8). See POSTER GUIDELINES for more information on preparing and submitting your poster.

Live poster sessions will be conducted through a virtual space called JAMS Town. There will be poster rooms with dedicated poster booths for presenters, who will be able to present and interact live with the attendees concurrently (similar to how in-person poster sessions are conducted). We highly encourage you to visit JAMS Town and see it for yourself! It’s going to be fun!

Yes! So long it is your own work, we are completely fine with you presenting previous posters.

Yes! There will be a competition for all poster participants (students and non-students) with great prizes to be won.

Yes, we will retain the talk recordings and posters up on the website, which can be accessed to all JAMS registered participants after 24 August 2021. The talks and posters will remain for ONE WEEK post-event.

However, some speakers may wish to not have their talk recorded. In this case, the talk will only be live during JAMS10 and there will be no recording available for the talk on the website. Poster presenters who wish to remove their digital posters immediately after the event ends can write to us at support@jams10.org.

Yes! Certificates will be emailed to participants after the symposium ends.

Check out our Contact Us section on this website for more information.

For registration, payment, poster submission and technical issues involving the website, please contact our secretariat at support@jams10.org. Issues on the Zoom or Gather app would require you to seek help from the respective provider.

During the event, there will be dedicated JAMS10 assistants in JAMS Town to help you with any problems. Details on this will be provided to participants closer to the event date.

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